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Powering UP

Interviews and vintage photographs tell the story of the women of the Union Pacific from the first woman employed in 1941 to the present day.

$11.99 + 3.00 shipping

Ask Me If I'm A Frog

Always suspected you might be a frog? By comparing your anatomy and behaviors with the anatomy and  behaviors of a frog, you can now know for sure whether or not you are an amphibian. Listed on the John Burroughs List  of Nature Books for Young Readers, this book can be used in first to fourth grade classrooms and to entertain children as young as two.


Listen to the frogs sing

Softback  $4.99 +  3.00 Shipping

Hardback $9.99 +  3.00 Shipping

Ask Me If I'm A Spider

The Little Critters Series picture book about spider is waiting for an illustrator. Artist Jill Chambers creates by observing real life. If you're not afraid of spiders and want to illustrate this book, contact me. Meanwhile, click the button and read about these darling 8-legged creaturess. 

Ask Me If I'm A Worm.

This picture book is still in the process of being published as part of the Little Critter Series. Click the more button to read excerpts and see beautiful, true-to-life illustrations by artist Jill Chambers.

Ordinary Women

Eighteen-year old Alice Pickett wants to be a professional photographer, but women in 1897 are expected to marry and raise a family. Pursuit of her goal changes not only her life but the lives of her friends, especially when the announcement of gold in the Klondike reaches the small town of Maxwell, Nebraska.

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